๐ŸŒŸPrizes lifecycle

Prize distribution

The Prize distribution is part of the Draw phases as described in the Draw Mechanism section. This section only outlines the specifics on how Prizes get distributed and eventually sent to the Winners.

Once a Prize gets created following a Draw outcome, the Winner must Claim (by signing and broadcasting a transaction) it in order to effectively receive the tokens associated with the Prize.

If the Winner fails to do it within the Prize expiration delay (set to 30 days at the time of writing but up to governance based change) the Prize gets automatically clawed back by the protocol and its amount is then used by subsequent Draws as part of the Prize Pool.

This process has two goals:

  1. Simplify the Prize distribution process by reducing the number of operations and its complexity

  2. Ensure that Cosmos Millions users remain active and engage with the protocol over medium period of time.

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