Deposit in the HUAHUA Pool

What is HUAHUA?

HUAHUA is the the cosmos meme coin. It serves as the native token for the Chihuahua Chain, which is built on a culture of fun and playfulness, and whose community is dedicated to fostering a positive and supportive environment for discussion and collaboration.

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How to deposit $HUAHUA

These tutorial screenshots are from the testnet and the values are random. Your experience may vary a bit.

-> Go to

Step 1/4 - Connect your wallet

- Click on Connect wallet [red] - Insert your Keplr, Leap or Cosmostation wallet password - Click on Deposit [yellow]

Step 2/4 - Pick HUAHUA pool

- Click on Deposit in Pool

Step 3/4 - Transfer HUAHUA to Lum Network

- Insert the amount of HUAHUA wanted [red] - Click on Transfer [yellow]

- Approve the transaction on wallet (Keplr for the example)

Step 4/4 - Deposit into HUAHUA pool

You need $LUM for transaction fees - Buy $LUM on Osmosis - Use the $LUM faucet on Discord

- Click on DEPOSIT

- Approve the transaction on wallet (Keplr for the example)

Congrats Cosmonaut! ๐ŸŽ‰

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